Mini Bull Terrier

Things You Should Know About Mini Bull Terrier

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Dog is always a good companion to have. You can live your life happily in the company of a furry friend. But you know there are breeds in dogs? Indeed, these breeds carry their specific characteristics and traits. You can pick a breed that is really comfortable for you. Have you ever heard about a breed called ‘Mini bull terrier? Yes, it is a breed and families cherish their presence in their homes.

There are many folks who find it interesting that the Miniature Bull Terrier is a meticulous version of the conventional Bull Terrier, except that it is downsized. The breed is lovingly and affectionately known as the English Miniature Bull Terrier. These tenacious little guys simply don’t know that they are much smaller than other dogs. Perhaps, that is the reason that they are always courageous and bold. This fun-loving comic is as lively as he is tough. These dogs are even very athletic and energetic. You can always find them up for a run, walk or any other physical activity.  If you want to keep this breed happy then you just need to give them toys to play with. They are always filled with fun and joviality. You can find them on toes for happy activities.

Origin and features

This breed was developed between the years1800 and 1830 in England. These thickset dogs were used to slay ill rats in homes and the sheds as well as compete with other dogs in pits. Of course Miniature Bull Terriers have also been used as family companions. These dogs are bright dogs but their attention spans are somewhat short.

The Mini Bull Terrier is a successor of English bulldog and the White English Terrier that is presently no longer in existence. The body style of this breed that you recognize now was perfected by James Hinks however; he actually bred for the white dogs. The other shades were introduced later on after the body and head type became reliable. Talking about their weight, these Terriers generally weigh somewhere between twenty and thirty four pounds. Usually, these are from ten to fourteen inches at withers in height.

What is their diet?

If you are confused about the diet that should be given to these creatures then relax. It is most effective to feed Miniature Bull Terriers good -quality dry dog food. The dog should be fed once in a day and never be fed in a free manner that means in the absence of limitations.  You should remember that these mini Bulls have a propensity to overeat and hence they turn out to be overweight.  Since that is the case, owners should be finicky about seeing their dog’s weight.  It would be good if your veterinarian can measure your dog to make sure that he is at his best weight. Why to make assumptions when you can be sure about the overall health and weight of your beloved dog?

What about their training?

Miniature Bull Terriers are really bright doggies but the spans of their attention are rather short. Training sessions are going to be more beneficial only if they are kept short but are recurrent often.  It would be good if you do praise and give them rewards coupled with scrumptious little treats. This works really better for Mini Bulls than the rough or harsh words, shouting or discipline.  Here it is good if you maintain consistency. It is vital with this breed. These can get really confused in case one day he is permitted to lie on the sofa and the next day he is deterred.  The point is that being consistent, calm and self-confident will help you to train your beloved Miniature Bull Terrier into a good and well-mannered fellow.  You can me the most of him by giving him the best would be great if you talk to professionals to give them short training. Once they are trained, you would not have to worry about anything. Of course you can also train them yourself but you would have to invest a lot of patience and of course time. You cannot simply yell at them and tell them to do this or that. These can be handled and set only by calm and soft yet firm and assertive words.

Behaviour of Mini bull terrier

These little fellows are highly active dogs.  These are active and similarly loving toward their loved ones and family members. These dogs love to play and run that oftentimes leads to unwise running from one side of house to another.  Indeed it can happen without any reason and you can find your dog running without any reason. It is worth noting that this dog breed easily gets attached to their families as well as the homes they live in. After all, these fellows are terriers; it means that they are territorial.

Mini bull terrier puppies does accept the friends and acquaintances easily in the home but they get alert when they witness an unwanted person or intimidating person shows up. Similarly remember that if you want to decrease the chances of getting your stuff and items broken into pieces; you can buy them toys which they can own and feel contented with. Once your dog has a few toys in hand, it would not munch on other stuff unnecessarily.

Most of the Miniature Bull Terriers do not manage with other canines of the same sex. Such an interaction can and oftentimes, will head to brawling. Sterilization will help, in some instances. The other pets like cats, rabbits and so on do not really stay comfortable with this breed because this dog can harm them.  Perhaps, if you have other pets at home, you need to stay away from this dog breed.

So, it won’t be a bad idea to go for miniature English bull terrier puppies. These are good looking, caring, fun and loving dogs. If you have never thought about this breed; don’t keep it off the shelf. Don’t forget to give your doggie a cute and good name!

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