Native Ad Platform As One of the Best Means of Promotion and Increasing Value

Means of promotion and marketing are countless. It becomes more and more difficult to impress potential buyers. But if you want your business to strive, you have to find new ways. Gladly, no business is alone on this journey.

One of the best things you can do for your company is finding teams and services that are total pros in their industry. If it’s copywriting, hire the best SEO service that will create engaging, original pieces of content. If it’s advertising, opt for a native ads platform that will make every mention of your business as organic as it can be.

The more natural your mention looks, the more people will actually visit your website. This is what LuckyAds thinks about modern advertising, and it’s 100% true. So, why choose such a company over others?

5 Reasons to Choose LuckyAds Over Other Services

One of the leading native ad platforms, LuckyAds, is the representation of loyalty and improvement. From partner base to multiple benefits for every advertiser and webmaster, here are 5 main reasons why it’s a reliable service.

1. A Wide Partner Base

The company has over 5,000 partnering websites that agree to post approved ads. So, you have many opportunities to make your project known and mention it on a popular source close to your industry.

Such a number of associates means:

  • Hundreds of topics.
    No matter what your project’s niche is, there will be at least one website with a curious audience fluent in the sector.
  • Universal websites.
    There are many news platforms and general websites that follow new launches in a certain industry. The audience of such sources is diverse and interested in new things.
  • You can join the team.
    If you’re a publisher, joining the team will be quite easy. 5,000+ webmasters did it, and you can too.

All the websites have highly active, interested audiences, which is a great criterion for your soon-to-be lead base, email list, followers, or readers.

2. Original Native Ads

LuckyAds only posts native ads, creative and suitable for its partnering websites. Its team has thought of the 3 best ways to mention a link to a site without openly advertising it. Many people now don’t react very well to classic ads, so it’s important to incorporate the mentions as naturally as possible.

So, here are the three most working ways:

  • As a link in an article.
    A part of the article is written especially for your link. It’s connected to the rest of the content, and your source is mentioned as a helpful one if people want to find out more on the topic, for example.
  • As an expert.
    The link may also be mentioned after a quote as a place where the expert(s) work(s). It’s very natural and adds value to the article with new thoughts on the topic of the piece.
  • As a recommendation.
    On every news website and blog, you may see a section with related or recommended articles. Such widgets can be created to mention other sources, and you’ll be there.

If you want such an ad, contact LuckyAds as soon as possible and launch a successful campaign!

3. Constant Support from Advertising Professionals

Especially if you’re new to cooperating with native ad platforms, support is essential for the success of your campaign. Gladly, LuckyAds offers 24/7 professional customer support for both publishers and advertisers.

You can write a message anytime and get a consultation, explanation, or answer. If you have any concerns as to the quality of ads that will be posted on your website, be sure to contact the team right away. If you’re the advertiser and are concerned about the rating and reputation of the partner site you choose, do the same.

Never hesitate to contact support. Besides, this service has a trained team of pros in advertising that will tell you everything about the company and your benefits with it.

To get more information before the start, you can also contact the team.

4. Progressive Views of a Modern Company

LuckyAds is a modern company that:

  • Does analysis of the modern marketing and advertising trends;
  • Offers some of the best ways to incorporate links in the most natural manner;
  • Doesn’t support aggressive advertising because it’s not relevant anymore;
  • Is ready to provide support to every potential client and present all the information about it;
  • Has transparent cooperation and payment system; all the legal information is on the website.

The service is striving to improve and provide effective opportunities to both webmasters and advertisers. While sometimes it may be difficult to find this balance, LuckyAds makes sure every side gets their benefits from the collaboration:

  • The company improves its reputation and gets more customers by having many partnerships and successful campaigns;
  • The webmaster gets a non-distracting ad with relevant, useful content on their website;
  • The webmaster gets paid for every click visitors make on the ad;
  • The advertiser gets exposure on a platform with thousands of people interested in the topic;
  • The advertiser gets more traffic, leads, and buyers on their website.

As you can see, all sides of the campaign are winning.

5. Safe and Convenient Payment Systems

One of the most important factors in the choice of a native ad platform is the payment methods they offer. LuckyAds has every basic method on their list, which means most people use them every day.

You can withdraw anytime if you’re a webmaster. Advertisers pay per click as well, which is very convenient. There are no hidden fees since the process (as everything on the platform) is transparent and honest. You will find out more about the possibilities the company offers after creating an account.

Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late

LuckyAds has everything necessary for a successful ad campaign. Create an account and contact the service to find out your opportunities. If not sure, contact the team beforehand to make an informed choice.

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