The Organization Structure of Digital Advertising Agencies

Structure of Digital Advertising Agencies

As observed there’s a continuous development among this aspect which evidently favors those who are venturing in the domain of selling products of different kinds. Apart from that, there are ways on how a business enterprise can effectively promote their products to the general public. With various mediums such as radio commercials, television endorsements and outdoor activities to name a few, it’s irrelevant to expound why a large portion of business company owners not to regret investing some funds for their advertising goals.

Meanwhile, with the aid of technology, despite the fact that promotional campaigns can also be managed by the business enterprise themselves, seeking for the services that only a digital advertising agency can provide is the best assurance for an improved sales as well as brand awareness. While most of us discern how beneficial it is hiring one, most owners are unaware of the designations of each professional who works for such type of company. Below is the most common organization structure of it:

  • Chief marketing manager – As a leader, the responsibilities vested towards a chief marketing manager can be summarized with both managing and directing such type of company’s work efforts to purposely ensure that the whole team will eventually reach a target objective which varies depending on each client’s needs and preferences. He or she will supervise every team stated below, conducts regular meetings, oversees every development of promotional campaigns and supervises the work of all the team members including app developers Sydney, copywriters, marketers, ad specialists, and social media managers.
  • Marketing managers – Having the same heaviness of loads fulfilled by the chief marketing manager, each marketing managers of such type of company will have to deal with plenty of obligations as well. These may comprise of several interactions with the different teams of the said institution. Acting as a link between such type of company’s teams and its clients, it’s the goal of every marketing manager to maintain the enforcement of a strategic marketing plan compliant with a client’s visions as well.
  • Strategy team – Exerting efforts specifically for constructing effective plans towards promotional campaigns which will be executed online, a strategy team consist of professionals who are knowledgeable on evaluating and taking actions to a client’s digital influence and on the industry from where it chooses to venture. After picking the best mediums to intentionally improve a website’s conversion rate, they will then send their works to other teams like app developers Sydney for implementation while monitoring the previous ones.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team – Typically, an SEO team is composed of an SEO director, content specialist, link builder, SEO associate and an SEO specialist. With these job positions, it will comply with their obligation of filtering the right keywords depending on a business enterprise’s industry while obtaining helpful internal links and adjusting the text coding of a website for optimization purposes. For clients, seeking such type of company’s full-time service will also benefit them with the SEO team’s continuous updates.
  • Social media marketing team – Furthermore, it’s a duty of the professionals under the social media marketing team to conduct a comprehensive research of each client’s target audience including the most profitable mediums for them. With the aptitude of a director of marketing, senior media specialist and social media specialist, the social media marketing team will also keep track of the competitor’s online promotional strategies and more.

On the other hand, apart from the abovementioned job positions and teams, an agency may also work with a pay-per-click or PPC team. With such group, a business enterprise or a client’s advertising objectives, mediums and audiences will be gathered to develop a paid search display. To convey more traffic that is beneficial for a client’s website, the PPC team will additionally make certain adjustments regarding its strategies and also enhance a user-friendly navigation. Evidently, each member of such type of company partakes towards a promotional campaign’s overall success.

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