How Contractor Marketing Firms Wins Customer Service Award?

Contractor Marketing Firms

To win any award in today’s competitive industry is a big accomplishment, and there are many methods you can achieve this. It much depends on the area in which a company operates and how old they exist. Times are changing fast and everyone needs to adapt to these changes if they want to stay on top. Some firms like to work the same way for the past 20 years, but that can be a huge mistake.

We have all kinds of marketing options now, and you can make your own combinations of these methods in order to make a perfect recipe for your company. There are differences in managing different industries. Find out online how seelutions contractor marketing and others are doing their job, so you can have a glance at what it takes to do great marketing. There are many aspects which you should take care of, but everything is manageable.

Improving Your Website

Many companies that are doing plumbing, roofing and similar jobs have old, slow websites. When a customer visits your site, and it loads slowly, there is a high chance they will click on the next link on Google. The loading speed should be under three seconds and you can easily check this by reloading yourself. Functionality isn’t as before because many details have been added. You should more time in making the website more simple and appealing to the customer.

Over 70% of all searches come from mobile phones which makes it clear that a mobile-friendly website is a must. Security also matters a lot, if something pops up constantly, customers will be unsatisfied. A lot has been invested in UX and UI to beat the competition. When you pull more traffic that way, it’s a great opportunity to grow.


It can be very expensive to advertise by some traditional methods like on TV or radio, and more companies are turning to social media, but also, still useful is PPC or pay per click advertising. That way your company will be more visible to the audience and more traffic will be gained.

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The most important part is to do it professionally because Google has started to look at every detail when you want to boost your business. This can be a problem with less experienced firms, but that’s why there are many marketing agencies that are willing to help you improve. Your improvement is also their improvement, so most of them are doing their best.

Email Marketing Still Works

Emails have been here for a long time, and it’s true that we get more and more spam emails, but still, people read them. This can be very beneficial to your company if it’s done right, for example, including coupons and specials may be appealing to the customer. These small things can make a big difference if served to the right audience. It is also a great way to improve brand awareness and keep in touch with customers. A large customer base is the core of every business.

Search Engine Optimization

Because we are spending too much time online, search engine optimization means a lot to every business. When you are ranking in the top 3 spots on Google for your keyword, it means that you will generate more than 60% of every search for your keyword. Some big companies like Apple are investing millions of dollars into SEO which has great results.

To beat your competition, everything needs to be done, from image to video optimization. A big trend today is using chatbots which are becoming more natural and which can bring a lot of data to you. Gathering information from the customer can be a hard job to do, but now we have AI technology to do it for us. Every part of these methods is improving the overall customer experience. Read more here.

Social Media

Social Media for contractors may seem like something not so important, but it can be very useful for the people who are already connected to the company. They will have better insight into new prices or specials you might have. Having a great Facebook page or Instagram will only give a good look to the company.

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