Top 3 Amazing Ways to Embed Instagram Widget on a Website

Amazing Ways to Embed Instagram

With the rising popularity of Instagram, marketers have started leveraging this platform to boost their marketing strategies and campaigns. Brand marketers have started employing this tool to dig deep into the layers of marketing.

Not only limited to marketing but this social media platform can even serve the best conversation rate for your brand by getting integrated with the website.

One best way of doing so is by embedding Instagram widget on a website. In this blog, you will learn about the 3 best ways to embed Instagram widget on a website.

But before advancing forward, let us first understand why we even need to do so.

Why Embed Instagram Feed On Websites?

1 billion monthly active users with an increasing rate each day. This demographic is probably worth considering Instagram to skyrocket your business.

Online brands and marketers use this platform to intensify and magnify their marketing approach and generate more sales and revenue.

Some of the benefits that are experienced by embedding Instagram widget on a website are

1. Creates An Attractive Visual Hub On Website

Instagram is full of attractive and compelling images that can make your website look even more impressive and appealing. Displaying Instagram feed on website helps you create an amazing visual hub on your website which lets the customer engage with the brands and their products in a better way.

2. Enhances User Engagement With The Brand

Embedding Instagram feed on a website increases the vibrancy of the website which in turn influences the purchase decision of the website visitors. This triggers the desires of the customers and encourages them to engage with the brand.

3. Displays Trusted Content With UGC

User-generated content is the master card of Instagram. Instagram is the hub of user-generated content that includes the reviews, photos, videos posted by genuine users on Instagram. By displaying this content on the website, brands can increase the authenticity and reliability of the product and services.

4. Increases Product Visibility

Embedding Instagram feed of website helps the brands to increase the discoverability of the product on the website. With this, brands can make the products easily visible and can showcase the products in an exquisite way. It helps the website visitors to look for the product in an easy way without any hassle.

5. Accelerates Conversions And Sales

With the integration of Instagram Widget on website, brands and marketers can boost the user experience with the website and make them feel more engaged with the brand. This, therefore, helps the brands to accelerate the conversion rate of the brand, and hence the sales get increased.

Ways To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

Here we have discussed the top 3 ways of embedding Instagram Widget on website.

1. Instagram’s Own Embedding Feature

Instagram itself provides an option to have a simple and easy embed process. With its own embedding feature, it allows the users to embed the post on website in a few simple steps.

To initiate the embed process, you need to select the post you want to embed. After selecting the post, generate the embed code by clicking on the post. Once the code is generated, copy the code and paste it on the backend page of your website building platform.

But with this embed process, there follows some limitations. Firstly, It allows users to embed only one post at a time. Secondly, the embed process can only be done using the desktop version of the social site and not the mobile application. Also, it does not give its users the ability to customize and design the feed widget according to the targeted audience.

2. WordPress Plugin

Plugins are a suitable choice for all the WordPress users and make their integration tasks more easy and simple.  With plugins, brands can easily add any functionality and features to their WordPress website.

It provides users to personalize their widget, customize it with beautiful themes, designs, and layouts to make the widget look even more attractive than before. Also, these plugins allow users to moderate their feed and maintain the quality of their displayed content.

Taggbox Widget Plugin For WordPress Website is one such example of the plugin that offers a wide range of features to the users to make their website look appealing and smashing.

3. Social Media Aggregator Tools

The social media aggregator tool is the one that allows the customers to discover, collect, and curate social media content from diverse sources into a unified social feed.

These mobile responsive tools are the best way to embed Instagram feeds on websites. Some major examples of social media aggregator tools are Taggbox, Tagembed, and much more.

These tools offer a wide range of features to their users. With this tool, you can edit and customize your feed and moderate it to display the most relevant and appro[riate content to the website visitors.

Also, it allows you to get an analysis of your performance and user engagement with your website. The auto-update feature allows you to display fresh content with real-time updates every time you visit the website.


One of the easiest ways to attract more website visitors and convert them into potential customers is by embedding Instagram Feed on the Website.

We have mentioned 3 easy ways of embedding Instagram feed on the website. Choose the one that fits best for you.

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