Technology Graduate? Start a Career in Investment Banking!

Some jobs are easy to understand while others are not. Think of medical career or an engineering job-you know you have to compete degree in these subjects to land a career. But other jobs are so difficult to understand. Take for example, jobs in investment banking or private equity professional. What do they do? What is the roles and responsibilities of an investment banking analyst? What do they study during their college time? What is the growth prospect in the career in investment banking?

Technology graduates are always in high demand by the investment bankingĀ  industry. The different jobs in investment banking such as risk, sales, trading, finance, operations, and regulation require technology as an important aspect. The technology students might know anything about the investment banking career but information is abound everywhere. Get to the basics of it with learning the structure of the jobs in investment banking. Understand where you fit in and your niche-area as well. When you are appearing for the interview, be prepared with the information, and they will understand your commitment to learn and your hard-work that has gone into the homework that you have done.

To establish a ladder for yourself in the career in investment banking, choosing good company is essential which is ready to invest in your learning and development along with leveraging your expertise of technology. Look for the opportunity of formal training as an investment banking analyst within the company. A whopping 72% of students are offered opportunities for formal training as an investment banking analyst on their first job. Choose a company that tailors its training according to the individuality of different people and one which believes every individual have different skills which can be used accordingly.

Even in case your company does not provide you training, you can go for a great investment banking career with a diploma or certificate from a good certification providing company. Just do your research on the kind of profile you would need- development, project management, and application support. Evaluate your weaknesses and strengths and if the experience that you have will help with the career in investment banking. If software development is your forte, have you got a technical degree with the object oriented programming incorporated into it? If you want to go for application support, is your educational degree enough to prove your problem-solving skills? Can you prove your current skills for the interest in working with new technologies?

If you are serious about the investment banking career, you can even start early. Why wait for the whole final year to end? There are many investment banking analyst positions which accept interns with no prior experience. The companies mentor the individuals for further roles into the company and if it finds them committed and hard-working enough- the individuals are offered permanent positions in the company. These in-house schemes work perfectly for companies as well as the employees looking for jobs in investment banking.

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