7 Common Hardware and software issues in android phones and their potential solutions

Common Hardware and software issues

Technology has given some amazing things to simplify and beautify our lives and smartphones are the most prominent of them. However, there is no denying the fact that no phone is perfect. These electronic devices are more prone to failures and hitches than not. Many reasons can lead to improper or blocked function of your android phone. In most cases, it is the best idea to seek professional help and contact PTC for phone repairs. However, knowing about some common problems can help you avoid their occurrences and keep your device safe and functioning for a longer time. Here are some common problems faced by android phone users and their potential solutions.

  • Draining battery

Battery issues are the most common ones in smartphones. Many users complain of shortening battery life or frequent drains. One of the best ways to extend the battery life of your phone is to change brightness and location settings occasionally. You can find a battery saving mode option in location settings. It is better to set the brightness below half or to a level suitable to your eyes instead of using auto mode.

  • Slow or frozen interface

If your phone is slowing down, the filled internal storage can be a reason. It is the most common reason for the extended response time of the device. If you face such a problem, move unused apps, photos, and videos to external storage or cloud. Delete some of them if they are not important anymore. Also, clean the cache frequently or use software to automate the process. If the problem is with your screen, you may need to contact a phone repair service.

  • Issues with connectivity

Another frequently reported issue is related to connectivity. People often face problems in connecting through Bluetooth, WiFi, or their cellular network. A simple solution is to toggle the network once. Switching the phone on airplane mode and toggling after 30 seconds can also fix the problem. If the problem persists, you can also try setting up the connection again.

  • Overheating

Slight warming up is ok, but certain android SmartPhones heat up significantly. The best advice is to avoid using the phone while charging it and give it a break while using heavy apps for a longer time. Sometimes the issue can be the result of a manufacturing defect. For that reason, if the problem is not solved with these measures, get your phone checked by a professional.

  • App crashing

There can be many different reasons for an app to crash. Most often installing an update for the app or your phone fixes the issue. You can also try force closing the app and restarting it. In some cases clearing the app’s cache can also help.

  • Sync errors

Syncing problems can occur due to several reasons. If this happens, check your internet connection, ensure that your password is correct, and the service you are syncing is not down. If this does not help, remove the account and add it again on your device.

  • Unresponsive screen

It can be frustrating if your phone’s screen does not respond. You can try a simple restart to solve the issue. However, if the screen is broken or you have accidentally dropped it in water, the problem is bigger and needs to be addressed by professional experts.

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