TikTok has More Monthly Users Than Twitter, Reports Show

TikTok Views and Their Efficiency

Having become one of the fastest growing app phenomenon’s in recent time, TikTok has become a major part of the social media furniture. Today, millions of people around the world are using this app to interact with others, share viral content, and use their influence to inspire large audiences. Having grown massive from its fad dance routines to its comically appealing number of celebrity users, TikTok has grown to become the go-to social media solution for many people.

Indeed, according to various reports today, you will find that TikTok is actually among the largest social media platforms in the world. This might explain why so many users today choose to buy TikTok likes; when you have access to such a massive platform, it is easy to see the appeal in ‘jumping the queue’ and reaching your audience faster.

However, what might shock some users is the fact that TikTok is now among the largest sites even ahead of some massive competitors. Indeed, according to Hootsuite expert Simon Kemp, TikTok is now seeing something in the region of 800 million monthly active participants. This has led to a massive change in the way that people use social media, with older platforms such as Twitter beginning to fall off the top lists of most commonly used apps and social media channels.

This has had a major impact on the social media scene. A few years ago, we have a set ‘big four’ that covered Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Now, we also have major social media platforms that rise up for specific purposes, particular groups, or even social media chat apps such as WhatsApp.

The world is changing, and social media is changing as quickly as many would have expected: a transformative, substantive change.

TikTok: Here to stay?

It certainly looks like it. TikTok has enjoyed a massive surge of users and growth across the West. Having once been seen as an app that might struggle to gain much traction outside of Eastern circles, the rise of the app to become one of the top ten most commonly used mobile apps judging by monthly active users is incredible.

It has leapt away from the traditional placing of a video app and has become one of the most prominent forms of communications out there today. Thanks to the development of tools like TikTok, though, we are seeing a minor revolution taking place across social media. The ‘old order’ are falling on a regular basis, seeing their previous dominance replaced by new social media start-ups, niche apps, and chat systems.

In an industry that has been shown to be innovative and intelligent with their approach to development, this should come as no surprise to anyone. TikTok has shown innovation and added fresh ides that were previously not accessible in this industry. Is it any surprise, then, that TikTok appears to be here to stay for the foreseeable future?

Innovation often wins hearts; it will be down to TikTok’s competitors to come up with a fresh idea to once again regain dominance.

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