How Should I Go About Moving My Dog?

Moving My Dog

Due to certain conditions, you might need to transport or ship your pet from one place to another. Either you are moving from local or from one country to another. There might be many other possibilities due to which you want to move your dog. You love your pet and definitely cannot take any risk while shipping it. Therefore, searching for the best dog moving or transport services is a must thing to do.

In this post, we will help you to find the best dog moving services. These dog transport services are available from thousands of companies therefore make sure to get the quote from various companies so that you invest in the right one. Now, let’s move ahead and discover the best dog transport services available.

Estimated costing of dog transport

Initially, it is difficult to quote the final price of shipping or moving a dog from one place to another. But on. An average dog company will charge you around $100-300$ if you want to move your dog locally. In the other case where you want to move your dog from one city to another or from one country to another, the company might charge you somewhere between $100-2500$.

Different dog transport services available

The dog transport or moving services are generally divided into four methods named:

  • By auto
  • By ground shipping companies
  • By Air
  • By any professional dog shipping company

Now let’s have a look at all these methods in a detailed manner.

  1.  By auto- This is the best method as you can move or transport your dog in your car. Also, being familiar with your pet you understand them very well.
  2.  By ground shipping companies- There are several ground shipping companies which offer door to door service. You can hire one of them in this method your dog travels with other animals.
  3. By Air- You can also transport your big with yourself by keeping him with yourself in the cabin area. You can also ask the air company to keep your dog in the cargo area. Depends on the way you want.
  4. By professional dog moving company- There are many complex issues when it comes to moving your dog. As they need to undergo a very different journey and health changes? Therefore, this is the best way available to ship your house as they will take care of all the parameters.  


Now you can easily pick the best dog transport services. Well, there are other factors like distance, drop and pick up location, time of the year, and delivery time frame. These factors affect the cost of your dog transport. Also, make sure to consult and visit your pet before you ship your fog. He will guide you with proper assistance, whether he is ready for the journey or not. The vet will also guide you on what to do when your pet faces any extreme vomiting sensation during travelling. Hence, which will help in eventually moving or successfully relocating your dog.

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