Instagram Blogging: How to Become a Successful Food Blogger

Instagram Blogging

Instagram is a big deal. With almost over 50 billion images, the platform is the most popular place for social media users, marketers, consumers, bloggers, and even businesses.

Instagram is being used so commonly that over 100 million images and videos are being uploaded and added to the platform daily. This accumulates over 4 billion likes.

In January 2020, Instagram added nearly 1 billion more users. This number added to over 500 million active daily users on the platform.

Unfortunately, even with high usage, Instagram is not easy to get success with. With the constantly changing algorithms, it is getting hard for Instagram markets and influencers to earn likes and exposure on the platform.

Especially, if you have decided to become a food blogger on Instagram you might get ready to face a good number of challenges.

Challenges such as earning followers quickly or getting your fair share of exposure on Instagram feed are just some to name. But this doesn’t mean that it is improbable to earn recognition on Instagram.

By learning the right techniques and applying them, you can become a successful food blogger on Instagram.

But before that, starting a blog page on Instagram requires consistency, and to achieve that, you need to make sure you have a reliable internet connection to back it up.

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Now that we know which internet service would keep your Instagram blogging consistent, here are a few tips that you should be doing to get successful on Insta:


That is right.  To be successful at Instagram food blogging, you need to follow first before wanting others to follow you.

By following, other food bloggers on Instagram there is a lot that you can learn. Starting from, which hashtags they are using, how do they respond to the people commenting under their post, how do they post their content, and much more.

Therefore, do not shy away from roaming around Instagram and finding the accounts that have you interested.


Food blogging on Instagram is widespread.

Check out popular hashtags such as #foodie, #food, #foodporn, and #foodgasm can help you understand how other foodies post and also make you connected to other fellow foodies.

These popular hashtags can lead you to other celebrity chefs, food bloggers like yourself.

While it is good to surf on other food bloggers’ profiles for inspiration, it is not beneficial to spend your hours drooling over their content and not doing anything on your profile.

Take Photos All the Time

Wherever you are, whatever you eat, you should always click, click, click.

A lot of times when you feel like what you’re eating is not Instagram-worthy or the place you are eating is not that fancy to review on your food blog, but you never know when you run out of content and have to revisit those places and foods to keep the blog alive.

For instance, the time we live in is pretty hard on Instagram bloggers. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, food bloggers are not being able to step out of their homes to bring content to their profiles. Therefore, most of them are either revisiting the old times that they thought were not worth uploading, while others are cooking in their kitchen.

Therefore, have a lot of photos on your camera roll and let your Instagram never run out of content.  

Tag Your Friends 

There is no better way to ask your friends to support you in your new venture than by making them part of it.

If you go out with them to eat and later upload a picture of the place then you should always tag them. This way you not only make them feel special but also there are high chances that your friends will share the post on their profile.

This way you can earn some exposure among their followers as well.

Be Honest in Your Opinions

Always have an opinion for the food places you are trying and posting about. Instead of just posting good-looking pictures, you should put a little description as well.

Make sure your descriptions are creative; if not creative make sure they are honest.

Bottom Line

Food blogging might look all fries and games but it is not. By following certain tips and techniques you can become a successful food blogger.

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