How Social Media is Your Great Travel Guide?

Since the arrival of technology and social media, the traveler’s journey has turned into quite different than it used to be. Social media aware you about the holiday destinations highly trending because people are visiting there.

Nowadays you may have understood that your vacation destination is chosen on the premises of social media trends. Your social media accounts such as tags as well as tweets assume the great part in scheduling your next trek. These days, we as a whole lean towards googling the vacation plans before applying them.

Today with the assistance of mobile phone technology and the internet, one can without much of a stretch plan their holiday trip. Also, in addition, social media has provided a great benefit to explorers. As of now, everyone of the components needed to plan holidays comes in their grasp. This is the true example of social media marketing. If you want to gain such skills of Social Media Marketing would be of great help.


Let’s see how:

Facebook & Google’s Contribution Towards Travel

So, before making a plan of holiday these days we generally check hotel reviews, ratings, tourists places and so forth, data of the place on either Facebook or Google. In this way, both these companies figured for what reason not give better alternatives to the explorers.

In this way, Facebook introduced City’s Guide feature, where all the data in regards to your companion’s visits is captured. Additionally, the concise detail of city, similar to the best places to visit there and different tips with respect to the outing. Presently, why Google remains behind, so they presented Google Trip application. The application got secured every one of the elements that are needed to plan a dynamic excursion.

All things considered, so we can state that social media is today one of the greatest sources of travel plans. As very nearly half of individuals, today trust social media for travel. Don’t believe us? Then, Try not to trust us? At that point, we should separate going into three sections and perceive how social media impacts each part.

Pre-vacation planning:

So, let’s first perceive what number of people depends on social media in the preplanning period of their get-away. Since figures say that 48% individuals change their unique holiday plan after a social media trip.

  1. Early bloomers

    The general population who quickly open up their social media accounts within the five minutes of planning.

Destinations: 27%
Hotels: 23%
Vacation activities: 22%
Attractions: 21%
Restaurants: 17%

  1. Inspiration takers

All things considered, people who go to the social media to motivation for their next holiday destination weights as:
Facebook: 29%
TripAdvisor: 14%
Twitter: 6%
Pinterest: 4%

  1. Online booking

The statistics concerning the individuals who choose online booking for their holiday stuff.
Switched hotels: 33%
Switched resorts: 10%
Vacationed in a different country: 7%
Switched airlines: 5%

During the Holidays:

Yes, people won’t leave social media alone during their holidays. As 70% of people like to post their destinations on social media and 72% selfie-takers posts pictures of their holiday on Facebook, while they are on the holiday.

Post-vacation plannings:

All things considered, explorers won’t be quiet after the holiday moreover. As 76% of voyagers like to talk big about their vacation on social media.

Facebook pages specific to a vacation: 55%
Post hotel reviews: 46%
Post activity/attraction reviews: 40%
Post restaurant reviews: 40%

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