The Best SEO Tactics for SaaS Companies

The Best SEO Tactics for SaaS Companies

Most savvy business owners say that no matter the industry, search engine optimization (SEO) is never far behind. While some might think that they can try to propel their company to the top without the help of SEO, the fact of the matter is that many best-practice methods to help a business get ahead involves search engine optimization. For example, a company might make use of articles or blogs to help their business get ahead as a means of encouraging online users to make a purchase.

A company could also try to optimize their website by lowering the resolution of their images to help lessen loading times. They could even try to build the infrastructure in such a way that makes it easier for online users to look around their website. Each and every one of those examples is a part of search engine optimization. It is practically inescapable for most companies, but there is no reason to escape SEO, as the better the marketing strategy, the easier it is for companies.

One such industry where SEO tactics can matter more than most would be the businesses that focus on software as a service (SaaS). A good example of a SaaS company would be Netflix — one of those examples that often get entrepreneurs thinking, as Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms of the modern age. The best SEO companies Miami make good use of SEO tactics for SaaS companies, and a business owner would do well to fully utilize their strengths. Here are just some of the most valuable SEO methods for SaaS businesses.

On the topic of informational and relevant keywords

One of the most common tactics would be the use of keywords to help propel a company in the eyes of the Google algorithm. Taking advantage of the algorithm involves a variety of best-practice methods that might seem complicated for the first-time SEO user. However, there is a way to help simplify things for a new company. The first would be the use of the pay-per-click (PPC) model for marketing purposes, as it provides instantaneous results while simultaneously offering relevant data at the end of a specific period.

The second is quite a bit more interesting, and it can help broaden the view of the business owner. It involves making good use of YouTube, a social media platform that focuses on video content. For most SaaS companies, video content is an excellent avenue, though the platform hides one of the best possible tools for any company — a user-friendly search bar.

For example, when the user types on the search bar, chances are it will populate with some recommended searches. While other search bars might not necessarily provide the top keywords right off the bat, YouTube is famous for providing the best possible keywords right away. A savvy user might be able to get ahead just by paying attention to the various keywords that populate during recommended search. While some businesses might not be able to make full use of YouTube, SaaS companies are poised to benefit from all sides.

Building backlinks matters more than ever

There are plenty of shady SEO agencies out there claiming to add thousands of links in just a short amount of time. While they will likely get the job done, what matters is the quality of the links rather than the quantity. Gaining backlinks through unscrupulous means might not seem like a big deal, but one of the Google algorithm updates involves watching out for quality rather than quantity when it comes to links.

For a new business focusing on SaaS, the first thing to do would be to work with the best SEO companies Miami to build links. It is crucial to ask questions about the links, as there are no alternatives to learn about the quality of the links. Even if it might take some time to build organic clicks and views through quality links, the Google algorithm will always consider quality over quantity. For a SaaS business, the website matters more than most, which means having quality backlinks matters.

The mobile platform is crucial

There are various ways a company can get ahead with the use of web optimization. Some methods were already introduced above, such as the use of blogs and articles to push for more sales. However, for SaaS companies, the mobile platform is critical to success. Most online users would prefer the use of mobile — even in similar companies such as Netflix that works best for computers or televisions, keep in mind that the latter is connected to the smartphone. The mobile platform matters, and not taking the time to make it similar in quality (or superior) to the browser version will not end well.

The new Google Page Experience Update involves the addition of user-friendliness or user experience (UX) in the algorithm’s search parameters. While the user-friendliness mattered before, it will become mandatory moving forward. Companies that have already prioritized user-friendliness over most other aspects have everything to gain from the new update — and a focus on the mobile platform is a big step toward the website’s UX. There is no need to make the browser the primary version, as mobile is the better choice.

A golden opportunity for SaaS companies

In a lot of ways, the SaaS companies benefit from very much the same thing that other companies gain when it comes to SEO. However, what the SaaS companies have over the rest is versatility. As mentioned above, YouTube is a great resource for people looking to excel through a content creator’s career. An online store might not necessarily have the same influence if they tried the same thing, but a SaaS company might just fit the bill.

For a SaaS business to excel in the world of digital marketing and online reputation management, focusing on various SEO tactics with help from the best SEO companies Miami can get the job done sooner than many realize. While some tactics might take some time, it typically does not require too much effort to get the ball rolling.

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