Top 6 Tips to Improve Your Lead Quality

Lead Quality

If you are searching for tips to improve your lead quality, you are in the right place.  Hubspot confirms that over 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be the most significant challenges.  Especially identifying and cultivating potential customers for lead generation is the key focus for businesses worldwide.  With the marketing landscape continuously changing in trends, tactics, and technology, lead nurturing is easier said than done. Check out the best six tips for improving your lead quality to boost sales and develop business.

The importance of improving lead quality

You may attract 100 or 1000 leads per month by your expert marketing efforts, but if they are not quality leads, it isn’t easy to convert them to potential customers.  Only quality leads will go fast through the sales funnel to close deals. With the rapid rise of e-commerce to over 6 trillion USD, customers now decide instantly to buy a product online.  And the consumer is on the edge of a cliff and missing to convince instantly, resulting in losing the order.   Hence as many think improving lead quality is difficult but a challenging task even for expert marketers.  The better the lead quality, the higher the conversion rate, and it is why many marketers focus on quality rather than quantity.  BrightTALK confirms that 53% of marketers spend half their marketing budget only on lead generation.

Top 6 tips to improve lead quality

Having known the importance of lead quality with statistics, it is time to dive into the six top tips to improve your lead quality that includes

  1. Measuring lead quality

What measures grow is a wise saying that squarely applies for improving lead quality.  Measuring the lead quality will help you focus more on the high-quality leads rather than spending more time, money, and effort on the low-quality leads.  Experts confirm that improving lead quality means lowering the lead volume.  Hence it becomes pertinent to measure the lead quality with the following KPIs or key performance indicators.

  • The overall lead volume should decrease for increasing the high-quality lead volume.
  • The cost per lead will increase, and the cost per high-quality lead should decrease.
  • The click-through rate should decrease.
  • Rise in conversion rates as it is the indicator of converting leads to potential customers
  1. Increased focus on keywords

Since all purchase searches start only with specific keywords, it is the backbone of any marketing campaign.  Only the keywords determine what to offer for the target audience to generate quality leads by writing the right ad copy and the landing page they should use.  Hence you choose a suitable SEO packages or do itself and revisit the keywords with increased focus is one of the best tips for improving quality leads in the following ways.

  • Take the existing keyword list to change them to be more specific by using long-tail rather than short-tail, like adding life insurance policies rather than insurance policies to offer the consumer what they want specifically.
  • Avoid low match types in keywords by being more vigilant with search query reviews, negative keyword additions, and limiting broader match types.
  1. Increase form fields

Increasing the number of fields in the form for the visitors to fill will help you avoid window shoppers and increase quality leads.  But it is essential to ask for the relevant information rather than ask the same old questions differently.  It is advisable to ask for a working email ID rather than just an email ID.  It will equip sales teams with better customer information with more information like the number of employees a company is having, annual revenue, income level, and close deals.

  1. Increase blogs

Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than sites without them.  Hence the more blogs you have on your site will enable Google to crawl more to recognize that it is resourceful and valuable to consumers.  A minimum of two to three blogs a week is essential to gain the reputation of search engines to improve rankings and lead quality. Also, make sure that you are matching the gated content with blog content with each blog posting.

  1. Expand the network

Expand the network with valuable and reputed retailers to get their backlinks to your site.  As it is important from the SEO standpoint to build inbound links to landing pages, it is better to get it from retailers who have authority in the business niche than the unheard local distributors. Consumers will trust and value such backlinks from famous retailers to make purchases from your site.

  1. Focus more on leads than you

Reduce inbound marketing content that is more about you like contact us, call us now, and speak to our expert.  Rather, it should be more about the leads, like letting us evaluate your business and improving your business and others.  It allows the leads to give you a chance to simplify their tasks and help them in a better way.

The above six tips will surely help you improve lead quality and for more details to know how to improve your lead quality, contact the best SEO Company.

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