Tricks to speed up your phone if it lags while playing games

Mobile gaming is quite popular among youths in India. Consequently, several brands have launched dedicated smartphones that come with attractive to enhance the mobile gaming experience of users significantly.

Though most premium and budget smartphones support gaming, sometimes even the best gaming phone slows down in the middle of the game, causing much annoyance to players. To resolve such an annoyance, smartphone users need to identify the cause of such a slowdown and then proceed accordingly. Individuals can look up for some useful tips to speed up the phone suitably in case of such a lag.

Top reasons why your phone lags during gaming sessions

Following are among some of the significant reasons why smartphones lag while playing a game –

  • Low RAM capacity.
  • Limited storage.
  • Malware installation.
  • Obsolete software.

Tips to boost speed and prevent smartphones from lagging

  • Remove cached data

It is always recommended to clear cached data of different websites and apps regularly. Doing so, one will be able to free up internal space on their handset and boost the device’s speed significantly. At an extreme, they can consider an upgrade, wherein options like MI mobile under 15000 offer decent support for basic gaming.

  • Update the game version

Sometimes individuals who continue to play an older version of the game face glitches in the form of frozen screen. The quickest fix to such a lag is to update the game to the latest version. It will not only minimise such a lag but will also allow users to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience due to the new and improved integrations of the latest update.

Nevertheless, if your device software is outdated and does not support such an update, you can consider switching to one of the best gaming phones in the market.

  • Free up space on your device

Besides clearing the cached data, individuals should also maintain at least 20% of space on their smartphones’ storage to allow the game to run uninterruptedly. To achieve it, they should start from clearing up unimportant files and other useless data, and enjoy gaming experience at par with some of the best gaming phones in the market.

  • Avoid live wallpapers and background

Though animated backgrounds, wallpapers, and widgets improve a handset’s aesthetics, they notoriously slow down its memory. Also, they tend to hinder in-game optimsation and may even lead to crashes during an ongoing gaming session. It is thus best to keep away from enabling the feature for a smooth gaming experience.

  • Make sure to swipe away apps running in the background

Another quick fix to preventing smartphones from lagging during gaming sessions is to ensure that no app is running in the background. Subsequently, one should swipe away all apps from the background to optimise the device’s speed and performance.

Recently, several brands have launched budget smartphones whose specs support enhanced gaming experience. For instance, MI mobile under 15000 has a selection of handsets that facilitates a smooth gaming experience, and can be considered for upgradation.

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As for enhanced gaming experience, individuals can work on these useful tricks even on some of the best gaming phones to make their gaming session more fulfilling. Nevertheless, an uninterrupted and fulfilling gaming experience always starts with choosing a phone that comes with impressive specs.

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