Top 5 Things to Consider before Buying Recently Expired Domains

An expired domain is a domain that has not been renewed. This may be due to the lack of funds for renewing it. Moreover, the owner may even forget to clear it. Therefore, you cannot just buy any domain, it is vital to search for glaring warning signs to avoid being duped into buying recently expired domains.

Here are a few tips for buying recently expired domains.

1. Check for spam

Verify whether the previous domain owner did not use it for spam, chances are that if they did, then you will be affected by it. In addition, always ensure that an outdated domain did not contain spam by using a competent outdated machine that gives you a chance to view screenshots of the previous pages of the domain’s content. The tool helps you to distinguish recently expired domains with spam and those without. You can also determine whether the site was exploited for spam by sifting through its significant backlink profile using the tool Majestic SEO.

Things to Consider before Buying Recently Expired Domains

2.  Check for physical penalties

The Google webmaster tools always notify an individual of physical penalties that any site might have accrued. Remember to verify that you have acquired a novel expired domain in the Google webmaster. If under the webmaster tools, you don’t obtain any manual penalties, then there’s no impending threat. However, if by any chance, the domain is found to have been blacklisted, subsequently, you must file for a reconsideration request.

3. Consider Trust Flow and Citation Flow

You can also employ the use of Majestic SEO to determine the trust flow of a recently expired domain in regards to its quality. Ensure that you always acquire those that display a citation flow of at least 25%.

Things to Consider before Buying Recently Expired Domains

4. Check the Domain Authority

Among the best metrics of gauging the ranking percentage of the domain is domain authority (D.A). Always ensure that when you are purchasing a recently expired domain that you search for the one that has D.A of at least 20plus in order to acquire SEO benefits. Additionally, you can verify the domain’s authority using sites such as small SEO tools such as Moonsy, and the Link Explorer from MOZ.

5. Verify with Google AdSense ban

Google has the tendency to ban specific sites. This is due to the fact that they have not complied with their rules and regulations. Therefore, always ensure that you check out for this when buying a domain that has expired. Moreover, you can use a tool known as AdSense sandbox. This tool assists in displaying Ads in the domain when you crosscheck the URL. Consequently, when you enter it the Ads are supposed to pop up, but if they don’t, chances are that the domain contains spam.

Tips for buying expired domains can come in handy when you are aspiring to acquire the best deal. Alternatively, you can Google tips for buying expired domains that can assist you to carry on more research by yourself. This is to ensure that you don’t fall for any dubious deals and scams. Therefore, ensure that you follow the tips above to the letter to be contented domain master.

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