What is Microsoft Outlook

What is Microsoft Outlook

What exactly is Microsoft Outlook? Microsoft Outlook is a data management software platform from Microsoft, accessible as part of Microsoft Office Suite. Although primarily a mail client, Outlook has such other functions as task management, calendar managing, contact management, task tracking, and task editing. Outlook also offers the ability to access email server and Sharepoint services from within the suite itself.

When using Microsoft Outlook, emails are sent and received by a specified set of email clients. In other words, Outlook connects to a group of email clients and determines which clients you have to open an account with, based on settings previously defined in your Account Manager. Important email messages are then written and forwarded to the appropriate Outlook account for delivery to the intended recipient. The same message is then subsequently deleted from any deleted email clients.

As you can imagine, this is quite a complex process, since each email client connects to multiple other email clients. The Outlook Express service manages the connection between Outlook and the various email providers to provide the user with the best mail experience. It takes some configuration to allow Outlook to connect to the right email server but once done, everything else is handled by the server itself, independently. Using Microsoft Outlook is not only easy, it also provides a wide variety of features that will make managing your email’s not only easier but a whole lot more convenient as well.

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