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How to make your social media boost your SEO performance

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Create an achievable SEO strategy in Melbourne and stick to it for consistent results. Social media has the potential to reach an endless audience in a short space of time, and is on a casual level that can break down some of the business/client barriers. Having a varied presence across multiple platforms and a website is great, but the secret is in linking them all together without looking like blatant self-promotion.

Some companies must have heard all the hype about social media without taking the time to research the best strategies, and have instead just spammed the few followers they have. You need to work towards ways that combine content your readers want with ways to get your links in there. Bloggers are generally very good at finding other relevant articles, either by themselves or someone else, that follow on from their current piece. You may have noticed that social media platforms and news sites use this relevance concept all the time, suggesting similar articles or pages you might like based upon what you are viewing or following. It is the same idea, where you are trying to pre-empt your audience so that you can be as useful as possible.

Some ideas lend themselves to certain media that can be linked across. For example, a blog might have a how-to article, which would be very much supported by a YouTube video giving a physical demonstration. More professional industries can make the most of infographics on Pinterest, whereas travel companies might prefer Instagram for those awe inspiring images. Don’t forget to tag your images and find the right plug-ins which can optimise them easily. The more platforms you expand across, the more people you are reaching. A variety of platforms is also very useful in that Google rewards site owners who utilise as many forms of information (text/image/video) as possible. While it sounds easy, remember to try to make each upload as interesting and stimulating as possible. Each person that sees your post directly is an opportunity to spread it to all their friends as well, and that is how things spread like wildfire.

That being said, the focus on ‘going viral’ these days is ridiculous. If internet trends have proven anything, it is that what does and does not go viral is entirely arbitrary. If you keep focussing on what will be the craziest thing that will get a reaction, you will lose sight of your branding and target audience. The much more reliable strategy is to keep generating steady, engaging information and after some time you will be rewarded for it. While it is certainly not the most popular social media platform around, do not forget Google+ in your strategy. Being owned by the search engine, it is clearly going to favour its own. Searches will prioritise businesses which Google+ friends have +1ed.

In the short term, it is worth putting some money into building your social media audience. Whether you outright pay for promotion or simply begin a competition on your page with an exciting prize, gathering interested followers is essential. Once you get that first few hundred or a thousand, then it is much easier to begin producing content that has a decent effect, and the numbers should continue to grow on their own. Play around with different strategies, and have a read through Facebook’s advice pages on promoting businesses. If you would like professional advice or unbeatable SEO services in Melbourne, you will always be satisfied with the impressive work of Zib Media at


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