eCommerce Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales and Traffic

eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Every online store out there needs traffic to boost their sales. You need to focus on eCommerce Marketing Strategies that would drive consistent traffic to your online store. Think out of the box while marketing your products online. Something might work for others and not necessarily for you too. You need to experiment with things and try all means that would help your store in increased sales. eCommerce Marketing Strategies truly depends on the Niche and the Industry you are in. There is no fixed “5 Steps of Boosting Sales” if you find one, you better want to skip it. Whereas there are certain things that you must keep in mind while marketing your online store. In this article, we have discussed some really awesome eCommerce Marketing Strategies that you must consider for your online store. Try each one of these for the coming weeks and later on take stock and figure out whats suits the best for your store in successfully driving massive traffic. Also Read: How to Rank Multilingual Shopify Store in 2020

Best eCommerce marketing strategies to Boost Traffic

#1 Focus on Content Marketing

Driving traffic through content is one of the best eCommerce Marketing Strategies. Writing catchy content with the help of videos, infographics, GIFs, images, etc. that attracts your target audience and share things that they don’t already know about. Which will educate them and make their life easier. You can make use of tools like Ahrefs and Keyword Tool to find high ranking keywords and use them in your content. Keep in mind the phrase ‘content is the king’. Find where you can do the best in terms of improving the quality of the content, using unique infographics, keeping the language simple, and avoiding jargons to cover a larger audience.

#2 Instagram Marketing

Instagram as well all know is the most popular platform for sharing photos and videos online. You can find a ton of images of various products out there finding their way out for better sales. It is a great platform connecting brands, influencers, and consumers. If you have a DSLR or a phone that takes awesome shots you are good to go. You can drive a good amount of sales if you follow the right steps:

  • Add high-quality images
  • Add Informative description
  • Make proper use of hashtags
  • Post at the right time

Sure people who will find it interesting will connect with it and you’ll get the organic presence of your followers. You also can make run contests, or share deeper insights about your development process. You can add products to your Instagram posts that will give your followers instant access to them where they can directly purchase, this will lead to increased sales. Instagram is also the most preferred choice and eCommerce Marketing Strategies

#3 Facebook Store

Facebook is another social platform where you start making sales by creating a Facebook store. What’s better is that you can create a Facebook store and integrate it with your Shopify Store. This means you will have to keep stock of a single inventory and can manage the sales more efficiently. There are many Shopify websites that are earning well from the traffic coming from Facebook.

#5 Improve Email Marketing

It is important to retain those who already made purchases from your store. Keep in mind that the email subscribers know your product and service well and will definitely try and make a purchase from your store if you have something more interesting to offer. You need to be active with Email Marketing by sending regular and valuable emails to your subscribers that they would highly appreciate. You can do things like:

  • Run offers with special Promo codes and gifts
  • Thank your customers and reward them when making a massive purchase
  • Give them a reminder if they have left the cart unattended for a week
  • Give discounts on Special Days like Birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, etc.
  • Send regular newsletters regarding new offers, product tips, etc.

#6 Reward Loyal Customers

It is necessary to Thank and Reward those customers who always show their trust in your brand and keep the sales running. Doing this will not only benefit the customer but also your brand as the customer would recommend your brand to others and let spread the word. You can start a Customer Loyalty Program which would benefit the customers who spend a huge amount on your products and give them extra incentives to purchase more. You can also think of free shipping by adjusting the costs.

Final Thoughts

eCommerce Marketing Strategies work best when we have a Store with a Strong SEO Base for harnessing Traffic. Your eCommerce marketing strategies will eventually fail if your Store is weak in SEO, so it is crucial to work on Shopify SEO. You can drive organic traffic to your store by just following proper SEO methods. SEO Doctor App is the best Shopify SEO App for ranking higher in Google and increasing traffic with its Autopilot mode. ecommerce marketing strategies It’s designed to manage your store’s SEO and fixes issues that get detected for hampering search traffic. You can then fix it manually or get it automatically fixed by enabling the autopilot feature which runs 24×7. Also Read: Consider These Things before doing SEO on Shopify It can fix Traditional SEO issues like Meta Title and Meta Description, Image Alt-Text, Image Renaming smoothly. And comes bundled with awesome features that help in overall improvement of your store like Website Speed Booster, Image Compressor, Realtime 404 Error Fixing, Sitemap Submission, Google Webmaster Tools Integration, JSON-LD Data Support, Google Page Speed Integration, and more…

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